ATV Ride and Majestic Mountain Visit
Summer 2018 was a hit riding the Snowy mountain Range in July and then again in August. This season we had some great guests, great weather and made some memories that will last for years. The guys and gals were able to ride jeeps, quads, atv's, bikes, fish, river raft and take in the incredible sights along the mountain range.

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Momsmotorsports Snow Trips

BCA has continued the developments and improvements on their products.

They have redesigned BCA Tunnel Bag, added the BC Link 2.0(pictured above), introduced the New Tracker S Beacon, added the new lighter/smaller 2.0 engine and tank in this years Float Pack Line Up.

As always the MTN PRO line up including the knee pads, tek vest $199, and Float Vest have been big sellers.

Klim continues to bring the best gear with their guarantee to keep you dry, you can not go wrong.

This season has show some new styles and colors. This means sweet deals on non current items. If you liked and older line of gear, ask about special pricing and availability.

Klims' new Transition GTX® BOA Boot is the ultimate in everyday, "to and from the ride" footwear performance and comfort.

The KLIM® Oculus Goggle is designed with one purpose in mind: to give you the best possible vision on the snow. This was accomplished by addressing the three main pain points of all goggles: changing light conditions, fogging and field of vision

I love taking on products that I use and believe in. After riding all last season with the Nekkr, It is a must have in all conditions.

Nekkr attaches to your helmet, not your face, which means you won't get wet and it won't freeze to your face like balaclavas and face masks can. Nekkr leaves a protective space of air between your face and the Nekkr, keeping you dry and warm.

Check out their awesome color and style selection at

Send an email to with your order request by December 15th and receive 5 dollars off each item.

Stop by at the show nearest to you for great gear pricing, tutorials and questions.

Hay Days - Official Release - Sept 7, 8, 9

Milwaukee Snow Show - October 12, 13, 14

Novi Snow Show - November 2, 3, 4.