Momsmotorsports Snow Trips




Do I need Avalanche Training?
-Be prepared. You should have basic knowledge of back country survival. If you have not taken a back country survival and avalanche awareness class, you should view Mike Duffy's Avalanche and Back Country Skills DVD.

Are the dates listed including travel?
-The dates listed are the check in and check out dates AT each destination.

How long is travel time to each destination?
-The time varies depending on each destination.
Usual travel time is between 20 and 32 hours from Michigan.

What days are available to ride/enjoy each destination?
- Most trips are scheduled for 5 nights. We may arrive early or check out late in some case which will require an extra charge if you decide you would like a room. There are common area available for gear storage and changing if you do not wish to add the extra charges. You can have a room available when we arrive early in the a.m. allowing you to catch a shower and get situated. In other cases you may want to check out late, allowing you to take advantage of the last 1/2 day of riding and get a shower before the ride home.

Are there rentals available?
Each destination has rentals available for use during the trip.They are supplied and reserved through the local lodges. Snowmobile rentals prices vary and start at around 200 per day.

Can I just send my sled, atv or bike and fly to the destination?

If so, is there a discount?
Yes, you can send your recreational vehicle, tools and gear when you fly or drive to meet the club at the destination. Depending on availabilty and demand there may be a discount, call for specifics.

Where does the rig depart from?

What route does it take?

Where Can I meet up?
We depart from Mid-Michigan, our route varies each trip depending on the destination and the location of arranged club member pick ups. You can meet up with the rig just about anywhere for pick up and drop offs. We will deviate to certain locations if enough guys are loading up at that place. Our common routes include; Michigan US 131, I-96 and I-94, the UP hwy 2. Indiana I-80. Illinois I-80. Wisconsin I-90, Hwy 2, Hwy 8, I-94. Minnesota I-90, I-94, i-35.